Question: The fact that I read your column even though I have Michigan fuzzy dice hanging in my car suggests a frightening and abnormal obsession, so you'd better give me some darned good Heroes scoop to keep me around!

Answer: You mean you didn't shove those things in the glove compartment after that embarrassing loss to USC!? That's loyalty, Madeleine. And to reward your loyalty to AA, I'll pass along a casting tip I got about two new recurring heroes coming on board: One is described as a 35- to 40-year-old white male who has no problem doing "cruel, inhuman things" for the greater good, and the other is an early twenties female temptress who "wields a tremendous amount of sex appeal" and is willing to "get her hands dirty" for her employer. Oh, and here's another tip for ya: Keep a close eye on the Ausiello Report today. Rumor has it I may be posting an exclusive interview with Heroes creator Tim Kring, featuring scoop about the next big death, the de-gaying of Zach and the February-sweeps twist that will have everyone buzzing. Also, there's a very good chance Tim might break some ginormous news about Milo's detestable bangs. This thing's gonna be huge, I tell ya huge!