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What exactly happened to Nora's baby after it was kidnapped, killed, dismembered and, um, sewn back together by her husband?

Did Dr. Charles (Matt Ross) successfully breathe life back into little Thaddeus Montgomery?

FX renews American Horror Story for Season 2

In this exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's new episode of American Horror Story, a devastated-but-ever-irritable Nora (Lily Rabe) complains about having to wear an old dress to her baby's funeral.

Or will she? Will there be a funeral at all? Her husband has some hopeful — and horrific — news!

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Watch him deliver it now:

It sure seems like Nora's frankenbaby is the mysterious Infantata, first seen disposing of a pair of destructive red-headed twins in 1978 and later terrorizing Violet's bully (which Evan Peters told us was at the request of Tate).

The question is, how did Charles put him back together again? Whose heart does he have? And what kind of teeth is he sporting these days...

All will be revealed in this week's episode of American Horror Story, titled "Open House," airing Wednesday at 10/9c on FX.