Michaela McManus by Jason Kempin/WireImage.com Michaela McManus by Jason Kempin/WireImage.com

It was the news that answered one burning question - "Who will replace Diane Neal?" - but left another in limbo: "Who did One Tree Hill's Lucas call?" Michaela McManus, whose Lindsey apparently is not on her way to a hasty Vegas wedding, started her summer by scoring a hot new job, playing Law & Order; SVU's new ADA. Surveying the drastic change in roles, McManus says, "It will definitely be challenging, but that's what's so thrilling about it. To play a woman who's unafraid to cross boundaries will be very liberating."

To prepare for her gig as a legal eagle, McManus will check in with her cousin and brother-in-law, both of whom are lawyers ("They've offered whatever advice they can lend!"), as well as glue herself to the TV, "watching past episodes to get better acquainted with the SVU world."

As for her OTH world, McManus calls her run "a fulfilling experience I will always treasure." But what of Linds? Just because Lucas didn't ring her, is she simply to vanish? "I honestly don't know," the actress shrugs when asked if she might film a wrap-up scene. "We'll have to wait and see." When then asked who she thinks the boy should have gone for, she lets slip nothing: "Lucas should follow whatever his heart is telling him to do. But what that is, I'm not so sure."

As for spec by Lindsey fans that Lucas did choose her, but she rebuffed his proposal, McManus allows, "Anything is possible!" - Matt Mitovich

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