Jennifer Elise Cox by Victor Spinelli/ Jennifer Elise Cox by Victor Spinelli/

Last week, the magical world of Pushing Daisies scoop delivered unto us Mary Kay Place, playing a sure-to-be-colorful character named Annabelle Vandersloop.

Now, has learned, a separate episode will boast another three-named actress: Jennifer Elise Cox, who in recent TV seasons has ad-libbed with the best of 'em on such series as Lovespring International and 10 Items or Less, but to some will always be the big screen's Jan Brady.

Cox will pop up in an episode titled "Robbing Hood," playing a widow. But read that episode title again. Yeah, she has a secret agenda up her sleeve. Rhymes with "cold-wigging door."

Pushing Daisies returns Oct. 1. - Matt Mitovich

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