Billy Dee Williams by Bobby Bank/ Billy Dee Williams by Bobby Bank/

Since I am (just about) at a place where I forgive him for selling out Luke, Han and the gang, I can happily and exclusively report that Billy Dee Williams is going to be paying the Oceanside Wellness Center a visit during the second season of ABC's Private Practice.

In what is being described by setsiders as "a very moving role," Williams will play a patient of Taye Diggs' Dr. Sam Bennett. The storyline: BDW has been dutifully caring for his lady as she sings the blues (his wife is addled by dementia-type symptoms), yet he has been doing so with selfless disregard for his own declining health.

As of late, Williams - who has been fondly hailed by at least one reader as "the black Sean Connery" - had been quietly mopping floors on General Hospital: Night Shift, yet recently got promoted to orderly! Yes, the dream is alive. - Matt Mitovich

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