Linda Hunt Linda Hunt

Fans have been up in arms ever since beloved boss-lady Hetty (Linda Hunt) announced in the season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles that she was resigning, apparently to be replaced by Miguel Ferrer's Assistant Director Granger. Now executive producer Shane Brennan has broken his code of silence on the matter and cleared up the situation... in his own teasingly cryptic way.

"If there's one thing fans of the enigmatic Hetty Lange should know by now, she marches to her own drumbeat," Brennan tells TV Guide Magazine exclusively. "Her resignation at the end of Season 3 was shocking, but everything Hetty does, she does for a reason. Her fans are just going to have to trust her on this one. I can promise that fans will see Hetty in the opening episode of Season 4, doing something that she does better than anyone else."

What do you think that means? Any theories, NCIS: LA fans?

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