Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer by Vivian Zink/ABC Studios/CBS Jennifer Love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer by Vivian Zink/ABC Studios/CBS

The following concerns what purports to be a major twist to come during the fourth season of CBS' Ghost Whisperer. If you wish to emerge unspoiled, turn away now.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, speaking out for the first time since a possible Ghost Whisperer plot point found its way onto the Internet (by way of EW's Ausiello), has these three words of advice for shocked fans: Wait and see.

Declining to confirm reports that Melinda's husband, Jim, will himself give up the ghost early in the new season, Love instead tells, "The important thing to always remember is that things are not as they seem on our show. We never do anything cut-and-dry. There are lots of opportunities for people to think that one thing is going to happen, and it actually turns out to be something else."

Will the Whisperer's better half merely cheat death? Maybe flatline for a bit, visit with Denny, and then come back? Or will he outright die, but stick around as a ghost deserving of extra-special whispering? (It's been said that David Conrad, who plays Jim, has been itching to either get more to do on GW or be let loose.) Love lets slip nothing.

"People should very much keep their eyes open and enjoy the ride into our big storyline for the season rather than try to guess what's going to happen and how," she advises. "People don't have any idea what's coming. But it is going to be very cool." - Matt Mitovich

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