Lance Reddick courtesy HBO Lance Reddick courtesy HBO
Lost has found more new blood. Sources confirm that The Wire's Lance Reddick has been cast in the recurring role of Arthur Stevens, the intimidating corporate-recruiter character I first told you about in last week's

Ask Ausiello. Reddick also had a lengthy arc on HBO's Oz, where he starred opposite returning Lostie Harold Perrineau. This comes on the heels of another key piece of Lost casting: the addition of Sopranos scene-stealer Ken Leung. However, the specifics of his character remain shrouded in mystery. Rumors had him playing a brilliant mathematician named Russell, but now there's buzz that he's coming on in a top-secret role that no one (save for Darlton) knows anything about. Feel free to get some speculation going in the comments section below. Also, what do you think of Reddick's casting? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs sideways?