What the fork does <I>Lost</i> have planned? What the fork does Lost have planned?

Since Season 1, the producers of ABC's Lost have assigned a "code name" to the season-ending twist that sends jaws plunging to the floor and heads a-scratching. It started with "The Bagel" (Walt is abducted by the Others!), and most recently we had the "Frozen Donkey Wheel" (a nod to the apparatus Ben uses to "move" the island, but in actuality referring to the reveal of Locke's death).

This season, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, via their ABC.com podcast, invited Lost fans to (blindly) suggest nicknames for the Season 5 game-changer. The worst of the lot was "Invisibul Dinasaur Hed," while the Top 13 finalists were as follows (with my commentary):

"Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce": Awesome imagery ... yet perhaps too much so. 

"The Droids You're Looking For": Liz Lemon would love it, but coming so soon after the "Some Like it Hoth" episode (airing April 15), it'd make for too many Star Wars shout-outs.

"The Exploding Pretzel Jar": Um, no. 

"The Fifth Toe": Meaning we'd skip right past the significance of Toe No. 6? 

"The Fork in the Outlet": Fitting, for sure. But perhaps too generic? 

"The Hooded Leprechaun": Gee, why not go a step further and just use "Charlie's Alive!"? 

"Jack Gets Pregnant": Like Matthew Fox wouldn't have squawked about this by now. 

"The Joop": Um, noop. 

"Smokey's Dorm Room": Complete with a poster of the "smoking" Bar Rafaeli? 

"The Spanish Inquisition": Good luck trying to one-up Mel Brooks. 

"The Twinkie": And you thought 90210 was lousy with product placement! 

"The Zeigarnik": No, but I'm gonna try to play that word in Scrabble next chance I get. 

"The Zombie Bake Sale": But then wouldn't this week's episode be titled "Undead Is Undead"?

Well, the two-hour season-ender — titled "The Incident" — has been filmed, and TVGuide.com got an exclusive heads-up on the code name Team Darlton has decided upon. The winner is ... "Danny Gokey."

No, really, it is "The Fork in the Outlet."

Now, might any possible clue to the May 13 finale's big twist lie in superfan Spindrift Beck's winning-yet-purely-spitballing suggestion? Sources tell me no, but this much is for sure: It certainly sounds ... wait for it... shocking.