Fringe Fringe

If you think Fringe's alternate universe is confusing, don't be misled: It'll actually be easier to follow along as the Fox series reboots once again in Season 3.

"The beginning of the third season, it's like a pilot again," Anna Torv says. Why? Because our Olivia is being implanted with Faux-livia's memories while rehashing and struggling to hold onto her own.

Fringe: 8 Steps to navigating the alternative universe

For diehard fans, though, the overload of old information won't distract from all the new.

"All the details are there if you're looking for them, but if you're not, I don't think it pushes anybody away," Torv adds.

Get a refresher course on where Fringe has been and where it's going from the cast in our exclusive video below: