David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

Hey, Bones fans, see that eye-catching image over there to the right? Consider it an early Christmas present from Santa Clausiello.

As I first teased in Ask Ausiello a few weeks back, Booth and Bones will indeed smack lips this season, and now you finally have proof courtesy of this exclusive, never-before-seen photo.

I'll give you guys a moment to catch your breath.

All good? Swell, 'cause I've got another present that'll make that squeal-worthy snapshot look like a mere stocking stuffer: A Fox spokesperson confirms that the episode featuring the mouth-watering twist has been rescheduled and will now air on - gulp - Nov. 27! As in next Tuesday. As in less than eight days away.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking: "WTF, Ausiello? You told us in your vodcast that the episode had been pushed back till January due to the strike!"

Well, at the time, that was true. Fox - looking to spread out what few remaining Bones originals it had in the can - delayed the episode until January. But just last week, that decision was reversed and now Bones will close out November sweeps with a bang (or in this case, a buss).

And because you guys have been especially well behaved this year, I have a few more glad tidings for ya - and they pertain to the circumstances surrounding the lip-lock. (As you'll recall, I warned you a few weeks ago that there was a twist involved.)

" It's not a dream or a hallucination.

" It has nothing to do with a case they're working on.

" It's anything but quick.

Bottom line: You won't be disappointed.

So, B&B-shippers, what say you? Does this kiss have the makings of, like, the best Christmas present ever? Or is it akin to finding a lump of coal under the tree? Sound off below!