Kari Matchett by Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com Kari Matchett by Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com

As I first scooped in Ask Ausiello, ER has admitted the luminous Kari Matchett ( Invasion, 24, Heartland) to play County General's newest attending. Her character, Skye Wexler, is described as tough and outdoorsy and is moonlighting in the ER to raise money for her world travels. And although an interoffice romance would seem inevitable - c'mon, look at her - a Peacock insider insists there are no immediate plans for Skye to bed any of her fellow docs. (The key word there being immediate.)

Matchett's first airdate is Nov. 1, roughly one week after Reiko Aylesworth shows up as the hospital's hot and hip new chaplain.

In related news, I so wasn't planning to watch ER this season, but these back-to-back casting coups are going to make it hard to resist. Am I right or am I right?