An attorney for Michelle Ohana, one of the teens injured in the December car crash that killed a Beverly Hills high-school student, tells TV Guide exclusively that he's gratified that former Prison Break star Lane Garrison, the driver of the car, has been charged with vehicular manslaughter - but that doesn't mean Ohana's family has ruled out filing a suit in the future. For now, though, Santa Monica-based attorney Gerald "Gerry" Laderman says he's allowing the legal system to "run its course, both from a criminal and civil standpoint."

Garrison was arraigned March 8, accepting responsibility for the crash that killed 17-year-old Vahagn Setian and seriously injured Ohana and Chen Sagi, 15. Garrison has also been charged with two felony drunk-driving charges and a misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor. Though Ohana's injuries were so extensive she has not returned to school, Laderman says, "We're not ready to discuss [the specifics of] her injuries yet."

As reported earlier by TV Guide, Setian's family has not filed a civil suit, but attorney Paul Kiesel says that since they lost their only child due to Garrison's recklessness, "[They] will do all they can to ensure that justice is served." - Reporting by N.F. Mendoza