Darren Criss, Grant Gustin, Chris Colfer Darren Criss, Grant Gustin, Chris Colfer

Who does this Sebastian think he is?!

In TVGuide.com's exclusive first look at Tuesday's episode of Glee (Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox), Blaine (Darren Criss) will have an aggressive admirer in new Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin).

Who is coming between Glee's Kurt and Blaine?

Sebastian has a naughty proposal for Blaine, one he says that Kurt (Chris Colfer) doesn't have to know about.

Too bad for him, Kurt arrives to see what's going on! The thing is, Sebastian doesn't seem to mind...

Watch the clip below to see Sebastian change his proposal to be more, how shall we say, inclusive:

What do you think? Is Sebastian good news or bad news for Klaine? Do they need to loosen up and do what Britney Spears suggests?