Hold onto your calendars, because this scoop/possible spoiler is a doozy. When ABC's Desperate Housewives resumes its season on April 13, several months will have passed for the residents of Wisteria Lane. "Several months," though, is a drop in the bucket compared to the temporal shift Housewives viewers might be subject to next.

Sources tell me there is a plan on the drawing board to fast-forward the show five years into the future in the closing moments of the season finale - and continue on from there for the duration of the series.

Such a tornado-trumping twist would of course necessitate several cast changes. For more on the possible recasts as well as a peek at another season-finale shocker under consideration, watch this new Mega Minute:

So, which do you think is the better notion - going forward or back? And who from the cast do you think could pull off either "age difference"? Talk about it here! - With additional reporting by Michael Maloney