Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham

Auggie told Annie that he was done lying for her on Covert Affairs' summer finale — and it looks like she's done talking to him too.

When the USA drama returns Thursday with the final six episodes of Season 5, Annie (Piper Perabo) will be pursuing Belenko (Shawn Doyle), who was behind the Chicago attack, in Istanbul. It seems like everyone knows this, except Auggie (Christopher Gorham), as seen in the exclusive sneak peek below.

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"In the meantime, Annie is a position to press forward on her own," Joan ( Kari Matchett) says to a surprised Auggie. "She's in Istanbul running down a lead. She didn't tell you?"

Of course, Annie is not obligated to tell Auggie anything, seeing as she's still not back in the CIA yet. Plus, she has other things on her mind too, like McQuaid (Nic Bishop), who's still recovering from the bullet Caitlyn (Perrey Reeves) put in him.

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"These back six [episodes] are about: What is [Annie's] place?" co-creator Chris Ord tells TVGuide.com. "The CIA still has a strong gravitational pull for her. They're her family and even though things are difficult with Auggie right now, they, as you'll see, still need each other, not just to catch Belenko. We wanted to raise the stakes from a spy standpoint, from a mission standpoint and also from an emotional standpoint. Annie starts to realize that all politics are personal."They'll also get very personal for Auggie, who will "play a huge part" in the remaining episodes, co-creator Matt Corman adds. "We're synthesizing the entirety of the season," he says. "You'll see the chess pieces move position and realize that a lot of the things that you saw this season have a causality that may not have been understood by viewers when it first happened."Covert Affairs airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.