Charisma Carpenter by Jesse Grant/ Charisma Carpenter by Jesse Grant/

Donald Trump's The Apprentice just may become must-see TV for fans of the Buffyverse's Cordelia and, well, warm-blooded men in general. Reliable sources tell that one of my CWPFs, Charisma Carpenter, will be one of the "job applicants" for the upcoming star-studded edition. While some have scoffed at the celebrity twist being applied to the waning reality show, Carpenter very well could give it the zing it needs. "Charisma is ready to make like Alexis Carrington and bring out the claws if need be," an insider tells me. "It should be very interesting."

While neither NBC nor Trump's camp will officially confirm any casting news, Cordy's possible participation, coupled with rumblings that Carmen Electra is also onboard for the venture, has me thinking: "Car-wash task?"

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