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On Tuesday's episode of Body of Proof, a wealthy fund manager named Gerry Roberts (guest star Christopher McDonald) is on trial for allegedly defrauding his investors. But, he's kidnapped while leaving court — right in front of Tommy (Mark Valley) and Adam (Elyes Gabel), who are on his security detail.

Bubble shows: Which will survive?

Who snatched him? And why? Tommy and Megan (Dana Delany) will have to find out before it's too late. But will Megan be too distracted with looking into her father's death to concentrate on the case?

Check out the opening sequence of "Disappearing Act" in this exclusive sneak peek:

Body of Proof "Disappearing Act" Sneak Peek

Body of Proof "Disappearing Act" Sneak Peek

Body of Proof airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.