Hugh Jackman and Lloyd Owen by Robert Voets/CBS Hugh Jackman and Lloyd Owen by Robert Voets/CBS

Trouble's a-brewin' over at CBS' bad-buzz magnet Viva Laughlin.

Sources confirm that Bob Lowry has been let go as show-runner on the Eye's new fall drama, although he's expected to retain his executive-producer credit (and thus continue getting paid). To fill the void, co-executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Tyler Bensinger will be assuming more of the day-to-day responsibilities.

The move wasn't entirely unexpected since, as you'll recall, producer Sony was wooing Rob Thomas to take over as Viva's boss even before Veronica Mars was officially laid to rest last May.

The behind-the-scenes shakeup comes amid rumors that test audiences aren't responding favorably to the show's musical interludes, although one Viva insider denies that that had anything to do with Lowry's demotion/ouster. That same insider maintains that "the singing is staying in the show," which is good news for people who like to laugh at stuff that isn't supposed to be funny.