Dianne Wiest courtesy of Regent Dianne Wiest courtesy of Regent

The cast of Amy Sherman-Palladino's new series just keeps getting better: The Ausiello Report has learned exclusively that The Return of Jezebel James has landed two-time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest to play Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose's mom in several episodes.

Don't speak! There's no need.

Mom, whose name is Talia, is described as sweet but not in a the-mom-from- Edward Scissorhands kind of way - there's a little aggression mixed with her passivity. So you can imagine how she'll react when finally her daughters join forces to give her the grandbaby she and her husband (played by Ron McLarty, who appears in the pilot) so desperately want.

Nice "get," huh?

Aside from that unfortunate stint on Law & Order, Wiest has always been a scene-stealer, and the idea of her going two-on-one with Posey (aka the next best thing to Lauren Graham) and Ambrose (the Six Feet Under live wire) is almost too good to be true. No, don't speak! I imagine you're speechless, anyway. On second thought, do speak. Thoughts? Cheers? Gratitude for the scoop? - Additional reporting by Ben Katner