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The "I Am Kate Messner" Hashtag Is Here to Break Your Hearts (Again) Over Everything Sucks' Cancellation

Ouch, it hurts

Amanda Bell

Note: This post contains a few spoilers about the final episode of Netflix's Everything Sucks!

Netflix's decision to cancel Everything Sucks! hit Twitter hard this weekend. The 90s-centric teen dramedy series, about a group of AV club kids teaming with the drama club to create a sci-fi film while coping with their personal developments and disappointments, concluded its first season with several open ends which are hard to imagine never being resolved: What's going to happen when Luke's mom sees her dad again for the first time? Is Oliver ever coming back? Is McQuaid going to return that snazzy new suit?

The one that really seems to be hitting home with social media users, though, is the unfinished business of Kate Messner, the central female figure who was just about to come out to her father before being interrupted in the finale.

Everything Sucks About Netflix Canceling Everything Sucks

The actress portraying her, Peyton Kennedy, revealed her disappointment that the story would not continue and in the process, launched a hashtag that allowed others who identified with the character's journey to express their appreciation for Kate.

Try reading a few of these without sobbing.

As if the show's cancellation wasn't already sucky enough.