One of the bad things about Netflix shooting out content willy-nilly like an out-of-control firehose is that it's going to be harder for new TV shows to stick around longer. You know the drill: A new streaming service in its infancy isn't going to cancel as many shows as it should in order to build up a library. But now that Netflix is a vet of the business and has a stockpile of series, it can crush what it wants underfoot.

If that sounds a bit ornery it's because I am ornery! Netflix has canceled the heartfelt '90s high school drama Everything Sucksafter one season, The Hollywood Reporter says. It joins other one-and-done Netflix shows The Get Down (which was too expensive), Haters Back Off (which was bad), Girlboss (which was bad) and Gypsy (which was awful), which were all canceled after one season, a rarity for the company. Heck, even Disjointed got two seasons. Heck, a whole season of Everything Sucks probably cost as much as one episode of Altered Carbon.

At least Everything Sucks will live on in Netflix's archives so you can watch it for the first time or tenth time and perennially wonder why Netflix decided to cancel this sweet story featuring kids in '90s Oregon who didn't quite fit in, the struggles of a teen dealing with sexual identity and Peyton Kennedy's fantastic performance as said teen. It doesn't help things that Season 1 ended on a bit of cliffhanger as Luke's dad made a surprise return to shake things up.

Everything Sucks Bosses on Luke's Dad, Kate's Story and More

Now that Netflix has a cushy base of around 120-plus million subscribers domestically and has raised subscription prices, expect the service to pull back on the loose leash it had with new shows in order to recoup some of its annual loss of billions of dollars (while still spending $8 billion on content this year). But come on, couldn't it have axed Friends From College instead?

And if you needed to be more sad:

Everything Sucks is now streaming on Netflix and you should still watch it.