Question: Everyone's talking about how the shark on last week's Lost had a symbol "tattooed" on its tail. But when I watched it, I didn't see a dang thing. What else have I missed?

Answer: Grab a pencil and some paper and let AA's exclusive, Season 2, time-stamped (sans commercial time) Easter egg review begin!

Episode 1

2 minutes: The prescription number on the vials of medicine Desmond takes is a set of Hurley's numbers.

11 minutes: Walt's message to Shannon, when played backward, is either "Don't press the button, the button's bad" or "Press the button, no button's bad."

35 minutes: Jack finds a mural on the hatch wall that may contain some clues. There's a sketch of a woman, the word "Sick" scrawled out and the following numbers: 42, 108 and 10W.

Episode 2

8 minutes: Locke studies a logo on a fuse box next to the computer room in the hatch.  The logo is an octagon with a snakelike creature in the center and what appears to be the word DHARMA.

30 minutes: The numbers Locke enters into the computer are the same numbers on the rim of the hatch and the same numbers that Hurley played to win the lottery.

31 minutes: After Locke types in the numbers, the board above the computer displays the number 108 the same number that's on the mural.

34 minutes: The shark that attacks Sawyer has the same logo imprinted near its tail fins that is seen everywhere in the hatch.

36 minutes: Michael gives baby Walt a polar bear as a going-away present.