Hate to be a buzzkill, but that rumor floating around about Everwood possibly getting an 11th-hour reprieve from CW is "not true," says executive producer Rina Mimoun. "The sets have been torn down already." A rep for CW also denied that talks to bring Everwood back for a fifth season were underway. In fact, WB put out a press release late yesterday plugging Monday's two-hour "series finale."

All that said, I see no reason to halt the "Save Everwood" movement. Keep signing those petitions and writing those letters. Heck, go rent a blimp and park it over Dawn Ostroff's house. But most important, watch Monday's finale, and urge your friends and enemies - especially those with Nielsen boxes - to do the same. All we need is 7 million folks to do so and Ostroff will have no choice but to reverse her decision.