<EM>Everwood'</EM>s<EM> </EM>Treat Williams and Stephanie Niznik Everwood's Treat Williams and Stephanie Niznik

Question: If Everwood gets canceled, I'll be devastated. Just putting that out there.

Answer: You're preaching to the choir, Ms. Holly. I'm already planning a hunger strike in the event CW pulls the plug. If it is indeed over, I'm taking some comfort in knowing that Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun have fashioned a farewell that does justice to the show we have come to know and obsess over. I know what you're thinking: "How do you know it'll do justice to the show we have come to know and obsess over?" Because just yesterday a little birdie gave me the scoop on the alternative series-finale ending, and it's everything I would've hoped for and more. All I'll say is (stop reading now, spoilerphobes) the final scene is between one of our favorite couples and it will melt your heart. Seriously, you'll be crying bittersweet tears for days. Now, if the show gets the go-ahead for another season, that scene will be scrapped and replaced with a cliff-hanger involving the same couple. And trust me when I say it's a doozy.