Teri Hatcher by Ron Tom/ABC Teri Hatcher by Ron Tom/ABC

You can have your chiffon this and Swarovski that: This is what I look for in a celebrity wedding. Teri Hatcher came off as Desperate for flashbulbs as she arrived for Eva Longoria's Saturday wedding to Tony Parker. As the celeb-filled shuttle bus pulled up to a walkway affording its passengers a private entrance into the Parisian church, "Felicity [Huffman] and Nicollette [Sheridan] walked in, hand in hand, but Teri took her daughter [to] the public area to pose for photos... for 10 minutes," one witness tells the New York Daily News. "It was so strange!" notes another spy. "Everyone else was so excited to be going into the church for the wedding, and all of a sudden, Teri broke away from the group to make sure she was seen and photographed."

Perhaps shedding light on the spectacle, an ABC set-sider tells the News, "Teri never joins in the fun" with the other Housewives "and often runs late for scenes." Runs late? I guess we know one cast Isaiah won't be joining.