Question: Do you have a scoop for the next ER?

Answer: Big heaping scoop, as a matter of fact. While several at County General are rumored and widely rumored, I might add to be on their way out next season, four new med students will be scrubbing in. Tracy, perhaps inspired by Reese Witherspoon's character of the same name in Election, is a two-faced go-getter; Isabelle and Andrew are twins that everybody mistakes for a couple; and Ryan is a Latin family man whose home life may be more chaotic than the ER. Oh, and they're all in their 20s and really, really pretty. But that went without saying, right?

OK, I'm all scooped out for this week. Come back next Wednesday for more of the same, and then some. In the meantime, here's my e-mail address. Use it. Don't abuse it.