Question: How many episodes of Supernatural will Jeffrey Dean Morgan be in this season? I heard he's only in the first episode.

Answer: According to Kripke, he'll be in more than one. Speaking of Supernatural, Kripke confirmed that Meg from Veronica Mars' (aka Alona Tal) has joined the cast as a love interest for Jensen Ackles. "She's coming in as a character named Jo. The boys come across a roadhouse that their father never told them about. It's kind of a rest stop for hunters, and a woman named Ellen owns it. Jo is her daughter. She's wired into the world of hunters and she's strong and smart and interacts with the boys and there are sparks between her and Dean. We take it really slow. The roadhouse and her character appear every four or five episodes. We're certainly not interested in rushing into anything. But the idea is to build a relationship over the course of the season and do it naturally and organically, rather than the guys hooking up with a different girl in every port."