The Emmys is the kind of event that's full of secrets, from NASA-level technology in support garments to the text of acceptance speeches that'll never get read. While we may never know some of the show's juiciest secrets — including what exactly those publicists are whispering into their spy-like devices on the red carpet — we can break down some of the mystery around TV's biggest night with some good old fashioned numerical trivia:

6,500: Submitted entries for potential nomination in all categories, in 2015

8,000: Submitted entries in 2016 (largely because of the addition of three short form series categories)

94: Nominations for HBO this year, the most of any network

23: The number of nominations for Game of Thrones this year, the most of any show.

37: Emmys won by Fraiser, still the most winningest series

193: Number of all-time nominations for Saturday Night Live, the leader of the pack

29: Emmys won by producer and HBO Documentary films president Sheila Nevins, the record-holder for individual (She's got 71 noms, also a record.)

32: Number of times Bill Maher has been nominated

1: Number of times Bill Maher has won, for producing Vice

$40 million: High estimate on how much networks will spend to try and win an Emmy

300%: Approximate salary increase of Modern Family's adult cast members after they won their Emmys

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84-100: Approximate number of episodes drama and comedy voters would have seen to qualify to vote in a category

25,000: Feet of red carpet rolled out in 2015

400: Approximate number of statuettes ordered for the Primetime Emmys

2,100: Approximate number of miles from Chicago, where Emmys are made at the R.S. Owens Compan, to Los Angeles

400: Average price, in dollars, of an Emmy statue (which, by the way, isn't really gold but a bunch of metals then dipped in gold. Winners actually have to buy it if they want to take it home, too.)

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700: Degrees at which virgin metal is baked before poured into a mold

5.5: Hours it takes to make an Emmy

6: Weight of an Emmy, in pounds

Emmy Award statueEmmy Award statue

15.6 million: People who watched the 2014 Emmys

11.9 million: People who watched the 2015 Emmys, a record low

???: People who will watch the 2016 Emmys

The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, will air Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on ABC.