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She's American, but Emma Stone played host to a British invasion when she hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time. Besides musical guest Coldplay, Andrew Garfield made an appearance during her monologue when Stone had to break the news to Andy Samberg that Garfield, a Brit, will be playing the role of Spider-Man in next year's The Amazing Spider-Man film. "America is suffering record unemployment and we outsource Spider-Man to England":

"Weekend Update" (tried to) make light of the Penn State sex abuse scandal, but even the devil — previously unaware of what was going on because he gets his news from Ashton Kutcher's Twitter feed — was horrified by the details. "I'm the prince of darkness, but I'm not a monster. .... This is college football, not the Catholic Church." The details pushed the devil (played by Jason Sudeikis) to go back to his old job working customer service at Time Warner Cable because "evil isn't what it used to be":

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Instead of a bridesmaid, Kristen Wiig played the bride-to-be in a skit about bridal shower gifts. Stone played her awkward office co-worker, Wallace, who had never been to a bridal shower and was just thankful to be invited:

Stone also shared the stage with Wiig for the game show Secret Word, playing a dim (and scandalous) Miss America (she thinks the Georgia state bird is a peach) with an interesting helper in her British ventriloquist puppet, Mr. Pickles: