Emily's Reasons Why Not
Is it just me, or does every woman resort to voodoo dolls to release some anger? And don't we all expect a yellow parrot, aka "the love bird," after our hearts have been broken? No? OK, so anyway, this series debut left us wondering if we've got the next Carrie Bradshaw on our hands. The narration, the bad luck with men, it all sounds a bit Sex and the City. But

Heather Graham's cute charm and her team of quirky sidekicks including the token gay best friend is definitely making this show a potential mid-season hit. Let Emily's reasons be a lesson for us all, starting with why not to smoke: Grandma Beatrice. By the way, I think so far my favorite character is Glitter, Emily's backstabbing former assistant who stole her idea to get a promotion. Every office definitely needs one of those. So back to Emily and her search for the perfect man. She got exactly what she asked for when she wished upon an eyelash for him not to be a player, a stalker or a kinky pervert. Too bad she blew it with Stan from Marketing because she thought he was gay and "outted" him on the company voicemail. I mean, the signs were kind of there: a Martha Stewart subscription, the fake-and-bake tan, Brazilian jujitsu.... But turns out he was a Mormon virgin. Don't feel bad, Em, it was an honest mistake. I'm definitely looking forward to more reasons why dating disasters equal awesome story lines.