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As if the star power of host and musical guest Elton John wasn't enough for Saturday Night Live, the 64-year-old superstar welcomed several celebrity guests including Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal, New York Knick Carmelo Anthony and former SNL vet Will Forte for John's first time hosting.

For his monologue, John took a jab at his own storied alcohol and drug abuse when referencing his first and only other appearance on the late-night show, back in 1982. "Of all the things I tried once early in the 1980s, this seemed like the safest one to try again," John joked before proclaiming "the b---- is back:"

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Forte, who unceremoniously left SNL after last season, returned to reprise his role as anchor Greg Stink for an ESPN Classic sketch on the KY Jelly Ladies Shot Put Championship 1985 that also featured Hanks (as brother Steve Stink) and Anthony (as player Carmela St. Knix):

John showed some flash as the big bad doctor Droz (instead of Dr. Oz) in the latest installment of "Laser Cats," which was still turned down by Lorne Michaels despite a desperate plea from Hanks:

Gyllenhaal shared the "Weekend Update" desk with Andy Samberg, who impersonated Nicolas Cage and demanded to know why he also wasn't in Gyllenhaal's new film Source Code:

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