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Watch Ellen DeGeneres Teach Britney Spears How to Be a Proper Diva

At the mall, of course

Sadie Gennis

One of the most charming things about Britney Spears is the fact that, despite all her fame, she's somehow remained a self-described boring mom who eats a Caesar salad every day.

Ellen DeGeneres is here to change that.

To help show Spears how to better take advantage of her celebrity status, DeGeneres took the singer to the mall in a segment airing on Wednesday's Ellen. There, DeGeneres taught Spears that normal rules don't apply to people like them.

Want to steal a men's suit? Why not! Want to take a nap in a Pottery Barn display bed? No one's going to stop you! Want to run up a down escalator? Not a problem! That is, unless you're like Spears, who was "so f---ing scared" to scale the escalator.

Stars, they really are just like us: terrified of falling down escalators.