Elisabeth Hasselbeck Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Who knew that one of our most impassioned political orators would come from daytime TV?

Love her or hate her (see comments section below), Elisabeth Hasselbeck, co-host of Barbara Walters' The View (ABC, check local listings), has used her daily airtime to speak at length about her support of Sen. John McCain for president. Her politico-wonk-talk has been so prevalent, it even started several rumors that she might ditch Walters & Co. for a job at the Fox News Channel. (Not true, she says.) At various times, her verbal sparring with left-leaning co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar is seen as either patriotic and righteous or defensive and self-righteous. In the spirit of free speech, though, we present a timeline of Hasselbeck's own campaign for... what, exactly?

Have Hasselbeck's opinions influenced your vote? Or do you think public figures should keep their political beliefs to themselves? Read the timeline and then let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Oct. 20: The View co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar spar about Gov. Sarah Palin's perceived snub of not appearing on the show. "Our sons and daughters are dying," Goldberg says, trying to change the focus.

Oct. 21: Hasselbeck wears a T-shirt that she designed on The View that reads "Great AmeriMcCain Hero." (Never mind its political implications, it's a bad slogan because it looks like a spelling error and sounds like a stutter.)

Oct. 22: When Barbara asks if Hasselbeck and Behar will ever see eye-to-eye on political issues, Hasselbeck offers that it's possible since she once considered voting for Obama. When Behar calls her "delusional" for thinking that's true, Hasselbeck spits: "Call me a liar, Joy." She also gestures with her coffee mug, offering Joy "more of the Barack Obama Kool-Aid," which earns her boos from the crowd. They both concede that this is just healthy debate and that they love each other. But Hollywood blog Defamer begged to differ, painting a picture of a much-less-conciliatory difference of opinion backstage.

Oct. 23: Goldberg appears on Live with Regis and Kelly, downplaying her cohosts' disputes. "Women fight differently; this isn't personal," she says. Another Defamer report claims that Behar told Hasselbeck that she makes a fool of herself. Hasselbeck and Behar deny the report together on the air.

Oct. 23: Sources report that ABC banned Hasselbeck from wearing her McCain T-shirt on-air again.

Oct. 24: Hasselbeck and Goldberg argue about the merits of diplomacy in conflict resolution. (I'm kind of wondering if they ever talk about scrapbooking, eyebrow-waxing and autism on this show anymore.)

Oct. 25: CNN asks, "Who has influenced the presidential election more: Tina Fey or Elisabeth Hasselbeck?"

Oct. 26: At a press junket for Madagascar 2, View co-host Sherri Shepherd gets into the mix, saying she has a bone to pick with Mr. Unnamed Sources. She also denies any tension at the table.

Oct. 27: Hasselbeck travels around Florida with the McCain-Palin campaign, introducing Palin at a rally in Kissimmee, cracking that it's nice to speak for five minutes without being interrupted. She also riffs on a recent kerfuffle about the cost of Palin's wardrobe. "They didn't list that accessory and its value in their report, did they?" Hasselbeck says of her flag lapel pin.

Oct. 27: At the same rally, Fox News correspondent Sean Hannity interviews Hasselbeck, who decries the media for sexism for focusing on Palin's wardrobe.

Oct. 29: The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Hasselbeck and Behar are no longer speaking off-camera. Us Weekly counters with a statement from a View staffer: "These fabricated rumors about alleged dissention between Elisabeth and Joy are as untrue today as they were yesterday, a week ago and when the rumors first started."