Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Ugly Betty's two hour season finale (Thursday, 8 pm/ET on ABC) will be brimming with guest stars — Rachel Dratch plays twins, Christopher Gorham returns as Henry — but not all the characters in the episode will be fictional. Just ask The View's Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who cameo on the Season 3 closer.

In the finale, the daytime divas play themselves filming a segment of The View with the media's new It Boy: Daniel Meade. But rather than lobbing softball questions at him, the ladies give the Mode boss the third degree.

"It really felt like a normal segment on our show," Hasselbeck tells "I felt we had a home-field advantage [at our studio]. It was [Eric Mabius'] character trying to fit in and feeling awkward — as I'm sure many guests do when we start grilling them!

According to Behar, The View makes for a great inclusion in entertainment. "We're part of the national lexicon now. People use The View as a jumping-off point — for better or for worse," she says.

For Hasselbeck, showing off her acting chops initially made her "a little nervous," but the whole experience turned out to be "a ton of fun." She and Behar even did some improvising. "The script merely served as a backbone for the tone of conversation," Hasselbeck says. "After we said our lines, we continued [talking] as we normally do here."

Other than Daniel's dressing-down, the finale promises other surprises when Wilhelmina befriends Victoria Hartley and learns a dark secret about Claire and Betty and Matt bump into Henry and his new girlfriend.