El Willy El Willy

El Willy, the Chihuahua who stands on his hind legs and swivels his hips to approximate a salsa dance, is on his way to becoming a YouTube superstar, as he should be. The dog has more swagger than an entire season of Dancing with the Stars. Where's El Willy's inspirational package about how dance makes a big impact on the lives of remarkable young animals?

Anyway, El Willy is from a long line of hind-legs standing, dancing-aping animals on YouTube. His work is very impressive, but perhaps you prefer the work of Hot Salsa Dog or Dancing Merengue Dog. That's why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and why they made meringue and merengue: something for everyone.

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Anyway, watch the popular dancing-dog videos below and then vote in our poll to tell us your favorite. Choose wisely.

El Willy:

Merengue Dancing Dogs:

Dancing Merengue Dog:

Hot Salsa Dog:

Salsa Dog: