Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie

In Nurse Jackie, Edie Falco said she had much more input into her character than she did while starring as Carmella Soprano.

It wasn't that The Sopranos writers didn't welcome her ideas: "They were totally open to input, but I didn't have any," Falco told TVGuide.com. "Partially because I wasn't used to looking at it that way, but also because we were all so in-sync. Every line that they wrote for her was right on."

Sopranos' creator David Chase once suggested to The New York Times that he wasn't a huge fan of actors telling writers what to write. "Actors will say, 'My character wouldn't say that.' Who said it was your character?" he joked.

Although Falco has plenty of chances to tweak the dialogue on her new show's title character, a drug abusing nurse, she says she does so sparingly.

"Every once in a while, even with this show, I'll say, 'No, this doesn't feel right,' and I'll think, 'Well that's not you — it doesn't have to feel right for you. Your job is to make it feel right for her, make it appear as if it feels right for her.'"

But she contributes in other ways to Jackie, a dark half-hour comedy Showtime plans to pair with Weeds later this year.

"I've been given more opportunities to contribute to dialogue, and casting, I've been a big part of casting the other people. I came in at the very last minute at Sopranos. It had been cast and they'd been looking for Carmella for a long long time and I just kind of was thrown into the mix and was on this boat with all these people that were already on it."

One other difference: Jackie just wears scrubs — none of Carmella's elaborate hair, nails, prints and fur coats.

"All done," Falco says.

What do you think? Are you excited to see the acclaimed actress carry her own show?