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Eddie Huang Won't Be Narrating Fresh Off the Boat This Season

Huang and ABC have finally cut ties

Sadie Gennis

Eddie Huang won't be doing voiceover for Fresh Off the Boat any more, Vulture reports. The chef hasn't recorded any narration for Season 2 so far and sources tell Vulture that there is no plan for him to return.

The news that Huang and ABC have cut ties isn't a big surprise. Despite the fact that Huang wrote the memoir Fresh Off the Boat is based on, he publicly took the network to task for what they did with his life story.

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"It wasn't that I hated the show. It genuinely entertained me, but it had to do more," Huang wrote in an essay for New York magazine. "My story had become an entertaining but domesticated vehicle to sell dominant culture with Kidz Bop, pot shots, and the emasculated Asian male. I got upset when they dressed Randall like a Fung Wah bus driver or Hudson like an And-1 yard sale or Constance like the Crocodile Hunter with kitty-cat heels. We couldn't go out like this! If America is ever going to treat its cold sores, its culture will have to force conversations examining freedom, equality, and ASIANS IN GATOR SHOES."

Huang later tweeted that he had stopped watching the show completely.

Rather than replace Huang, Ian Chen, who plays Evan, narrates the beginning of the Season 2 premiere, but that's where the use of voiceover appears to end this season.