If Carol Vessey looks somewhat bummed as she prepares to tie the knot with the wrong guy on tonight's Ed, it's no act. While shooting the episode, portrayer Julie Bowen came down with a bad case of wedding jitters herself. "It was slightly depressing, because [in real life], I'm a spinster," the 32-year-old single gal chuckles to TV Guide Online. "It was similar to having your first kiss be on-screen."

Although Bowen says she never harbored "dreams of having a big white dress [kind of wedding]," the actress nonetheless admits she had a hard time distinguishing fiction from reality while wearing the gown. "It's a little weird, because no matter what your personal goals are, you get into that white dress and you've got the fake dad on your arm and your best friends by your side wearing really horrible bridesmaid outfits, and it starts to feel real!"

Unfortunately, Bowen's best women (on and off camera) Lesley Boone and Jana Marie Hupp were no help. "Jana and Lesley cried when they saw me in the white dress," she recalls. "They're like, 'Ohmigod! You look so beautiful!' I'm like, 'Guys, it's not a real wedding,' which was kind of distressing."

Whether or not Carol and Dennis (John Slattery) actually exchange vows remains to be seen; her true love Ed (Tom Cavanagh) will no doubt express a last-minute objection. For her part, Bowen isn't about to second-guess her alter ego's decision. "I would like to marry John Slattery," she confesses. Laughing, she adds, "I'm kidding. He's married — happily married. But he's a total hottie."