Question: What on earth is wrong with you?! FX makes us wait for The Shield to premiere the sixth season, and you let weeks and weeks go by without any new info? And you call yourself a fan?

Answer: Good news: I'm up to my chapped elbows in Shield scoop after watching the first six episodes over the weekend. Here are some teases to tide you over till April 3.

• Episodes 1, 2 and 6 rank among the best Shield episodes ever.

• Forest Whitaker's Kavanaugh makes his final appearance in Episode 2.

• Mackey doesn't find out that Shane killed Lem until sometime in May. (Hint: The episode in question was cowritten by series creator Shawn Ryan and directed by Shawshank Redemption helmer Frank Darabont.)

• Someone from Mackey's past returns in Episode 5. (Think Rocky.)

• The Strike Team adds two new faces. Well, only one of them is new Aussie actor Alex O' Loughlin, who joins the cast as Det. Kevin Hiatt. The other one is a Farmington vet who gets "promoted" by Claudette.