Tom Bergeron, Dave Annable, Taylor Kitsch Tom Bergeron, Dave Annable, Taylor Kitsch

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. Don't forget to e-mail us your own wants and desires (of a TV-spoiler-y nature, that is.)

On Dancing with the Stars, are the celebrities paid for participating? Are the pros? Do either get paid more the further they advance? — Barb
Mickey: Barb, how dare you taint the pleasure that is Dancing with the Stars by suggesting that it's a commercial enterprise! Obviously, the celebrities' only motivation is their sincere love of the dance… and publicity. Also: Yes, they are totally paid! A source close to the production tells me that both the pros and celebs receive a weekly stipend. (Aside: Celebs are paid several times what the pros get. Discuss.) The catch: Once you're eliminated, the paydays cease. Harsh, right?

I am absolutely in love with Justin and Rebecca as a couple this season on Brothers & Sisters. How much trouble will Holly and Ryan be for them this season? — Kelly
Matt: Ryan? Not so much, as he won't even surface until midseason at soonest. As for Holly, ask yourself: Typically, how smooth is the sailing for a couple when their moms hate each other? Now if I may offer you a longer-term scoop: Neither Holly nor Nora is the woman you should worry about busting up JuBecca.

How are Friday Night Lights' ratings on DirecTV? I'm concerned that if they aren't high enough, NBC won't air the show this winter as promised. — Christine
Mickey: Fret not, Christine. First of all, I can't imagine NBC not airing Friday Night Lights at this point. They still have to figure out if this DirecTV experiment worked, and they can't do that without correlative network ratings. As for its DirecTV run, the season premiere ranked No. 7 in its timeslot among all basic cable channels, but an impressive second among women 18-to-49, which means… what, exactly? Not sure, but DirectTV tells us they are "very pleased" with those results.

I have been reading teasers about Prentiss' back story. I've heard everything from she was in the CIA to she was in an abusive relationship. Do you have any inside Criminal Minds scoop on her secrets? — Elizabeth
Matt: I took your teasers to exec producer Ed Bernero, who wrote back, "Patience, Elizabeth. Patience. All in due time (smiles devilishly)." Bernero went on to say, "I couldn't agree more that Emily Prentiss is a strong and amazing woman. And her deepening story will only make her more so." That's what we call a Criminally good tease.

Is William Petersen leaving CSI? If so, who will replace him? — Gola
Mickey: Let me take you back to a place called "July 2008," Gola, a place where children ate corn on the cob and chased fireflies at dusk out by the baseball diamond. It's a place, otherwise known as "three months ago," where CBS announced that Grissom would be leaving CSI. Petersen, who is also a producer on the show, will only appear in nine more episodes. It has also already been announced, in a place called "two months ago," that Laurence Fishburne will join the cast as a Level-1 CSI — in other words, he won't be the boss. Who will be? Just last week, Marg Helgenberger strongly hinted that Catherine will finally get her due.

Sam Witwer's performance on Smallville has been stellar to date. Any idea of when we'll get to see him play the Doomsday portion of the role? — Tracie
Matt: You just wanna see some crazy-ass CGI, dontcha? Executive producer Darren Swimmer tells the Buzz: "It will be a slow transition, but the episode 'Prey' (which airs Oct. 23) will be very interesting for the Davis Bloome/Doomsday-curious."

I enjoyed seeing "Jimmy Berluti" on Bones a few weeks back. Will there be any other new grad students pitching in at the Jeffersonian? — Gayle
Mickey: No new ones, but future episodes will see the return of some of your old favorites, including Wendell Bray, Daisy Wick (the girl who sucked up to Brennan), Clark Edison (the guy who didn't like sharing personal information) and Vincent Nigel-Murry.

Will Supernatural's Dean and Sam meet any other members of their family this season? And will their casting be as awesome as Mitch Pileggi? — Siobhan
Matt: How super(natural) would it be if I had two resounding "yes" answers to give you right now?! Alas, no additional family reunions are currently on the horizon. P.S. Have you checked out the cool pics from the "Monster Movie" episode?

Any scoop on whether there will be a Season 4 for Eureka? — Ros
Matt: If by "Season 4," you mean the back end of Season 3 (or "Season 3.5"), it has yet to be scheduled. But this much I do know: Jack Carter is getting a new plucky female sidekick.

I know some Greek fans think Casey's new guy is Mr. Perfect, but I think he's so stiff and robotic. It's like watching paint dry. I'm surprised to say it, but I miss the Cappie-Casey dynamic. Is there anything coming up with those two? – Colleen
Matt: In two words: Um, yeah! In the season finale (airing Oct. 28), Casey will turn to two unlikely people for advice on her love life: Lauren Conrad... and Cappie. At the end of the soul-searching, I am told, Case might find herself and Cap in a very familiar place.

With all this talk of TV ratings being down, are the networks taking into account the people that are watching on a DVR or on the Internet? — Brian
Matt: The good news is yes, DVR use is looked at, and the recently released "Live + 7" numbers for this season's premiere week illustrate exactly how much certain shows benefit from DVR playback. The catch is that ad time still is sold based on "Live + Same Day" ratings, so the live-live viewer continues to be a network's very best friend.

I've not heard anything on Kyle XY in some time. Any word on Season 3, what to expect this year, and/or DVDs for Season 2? – Daniel
Matt: Kyle will return to your TV on Jan. 12, 2009, and to your DVD player late this December. As for scoopitude, Season 3's Kyle is going to have to nut up when Latnok decides to finally introduce themselves. (I'm guessing their look isn't "happy to see me.")

Mickey's Mega Rave: I stopped watching ER some time around George Clooney's departure, so it was purely by accident that I caught Thursday's episode, "Another Thursday at County," which was anything but. New chief resident Dr. Cate Banfield (Angela Bassett, who I would pay money to watch read the phone book) stormed the castle! It was a toss-up as to which was more toxic: the risin released by a homegrown terrorist or Banfield's brusque, maniacally competent workplace persona. She's like Kerry Weaver with better skin.

Matt's Mini Rant: It's good to hear that Stella is giving ER its groove back. I wish that Gale Harold was as winning an addition to the Desperate Housewives cast. Thus far, he seems relegated to filling the Nathan Fillion role of "handsome and cult show-famous actor given precious little to do." (And it doesn't help that Jackson has better chemistry with Mike than Susan!)

Reader Quote of the Week: "Cheryl is not fat — unless, of course, you're comparing her to a 9-year-old boy or a blow-up doll." (ctheslayer, on Dancing star Cheryl Burke having to "defend" her slight weight gain)

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