We already knew Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the sweetest tough guys in Hollywood after that heartbreaking tribute to his puppy last year (which he'd rescued from the bottom of a pool just weeks before) — but he's squashed all lingering doubt with his latest sweet gesture.

People reports that the movie star, who is shooting the Baywatch remake in Georgia, invited a 7-year-old battling stage four cancer to visit him on set. Johnson extended the officer after Gabriel Singleton sent a request via Facebook to meet the star through a children's hospital.

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In a photo, Singleton holds a sign that read, "I think you are strong, but I am very strong too. I've been struck by hundreds of needles, have had TONS of shots, gone through 8 surgeries, too many blood and platelet transfusions, lots and lots of chemo treatments, radiation therapy, tests, scans and 2 stem cell transplants."