Margaret Cho, Brooke Elliot Margaret Cho, Brooke Elliot

Margaret Cho, Drop Dead Diva's resident sarcastic assistant, gets a new job this season, and a series of new love interests. "This is really Margaret Cho's year to shine," beams creator Josh Berman.

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Cho's character, Teri, will first take the spotlight in Sunday's episode, when we discover she's been sleeping with a fireman. He's just one of the many new relationships we'll see Teri jump into this season, including a tryst with one of Jane's exes. "My boyfriend in the second episode is super-beautiful and very heroic," Cho says. "He's getting sued for helping somebody out of a burning building, but then they broke their ribs, so it all goes really wrong." Through helping with his legal troubles, Teri will discover some unpleasant information. "You idealize somebody so much and they disappoint you, and that's a really painful thing when you're disappointed by your own expectations," she adds.

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Having worked closely with Jane (Brooke Elliott) before and after her accident — the real Jane was shot in the pilot episode, while model Deb died in a car crash before inhabiting Jane's body — one would assume Teri would've figured out that Jane has changed, but Cho insists Teri cannot fathom the possibilities of the unknown. "Teri could never imagine that something like that could ever happen," she says. "She's so rooted in reality and is often the reality check for people. She's so skeptical and not down with anything that would be magical like that."

Though Teri will still be working closely with Jane this season, she has new responsibilities as the private investigator for the Harrison and Parker law firm. One of her first assignments will be digging up dirt on Kim (Kate Levering), who left the company at the end of Season 2. "Parker [Josh Stamberg] wants to know who Kim is seeing, so he gets Teri to find out and she gets all this dirt on that hot topic," says Cho. "There are fun ways where Teri's nosiness and rudeness actually is something that's positive."

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Her newfound skills will also be a hindrance, especially when a former high school rival, played by Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger, returns with a grudge. "You get this old battle that gets re-fired up again," Cho says. "Patti Stanger plays a motivational speaker with a slant toward relationships, similar to what she does now. She's a great actress because she came off as a total bitch."

Cho will also go toe-to-toe with fellow comedienne Kathy Griffin, who comes on as Kim's sister. "I have a really great fight with Kathy. She's so fun and I really hope she comes back."

Drop Dead Diva airs Sunday at 9/8c on Lifetime.