Drop Dead Diva Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva may have another dead diva on their hands.

"Something traumatic happens in the last moment of the season, somebody might have [a near-death experience]" Ben Feldman, who plays guardian angel Fred, tells TVGuide.com. Adds executive producer Josh Berman: "It could be more than that."

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Stay especially tuned in to the last five minutes. "It's suddenly where Drop Dead Diva becomes heart pounding," Berman says. "The last five minutes change everything you thought about the show."

Here's the set-up: Grayson (Jackson Hurst) and Jane (Brooke Elliot) take on a case together in the season finale, first reported by TVGuide.com. Elliot says, "There are other things that happen that bring us much, much closer [than this case]." Are his days numbered?

If he enters a near-death state, he'd be about as dead as Deb, so it makes sense to us — but let's hope not. Fans are still waiting desperately for him to figure out that Jane is actually Deb, his former girlfriend who died in a car accident.

Berman's lips are sealed, but does say this: "It is a romance of watching two people who are in love, fall in love for the second time. Love doesn't come quickly. Grayson has to fall in love with Jane; Grayson can't fall in love with Jane because she says, 'I'm Deb.'"

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Plus, Jane first has to deal with Grayson's current love interest, Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman). "Jane's going to work right through that," Elliot says with a smirk. "Jane's had to address a lot of her own misconceptions or shallowness, and I think the more Grayson does that as well, we're going to really see whether these souls belong together or not."

With the grim reaper lurking, will we be seeing Fred's big white office in the sky again? "This season, I don't think we'll be visiting anything above the clouds," Feldman says. "It's very much there. At the end of this season, I think the notion of that is very much prevalent. It's what viewers will be left with when we go to commercial and the [season ends]."