Downtown Girls Downtown Girls

OK, single ladies, help me out: Do you really have "ex-swaps"?

Watching the premiere of MTV's new reality peep show, Downtown Girls, Tuesday, we saw the show's quintet of horrifically named gal pals (what exactly is a Shallon, Gurj and Klo anyway?!) gather their former mattress giants for some sort of spit-swapping swap-meet-and-greet.

Fittingly, the whole thing went down at Lucky Strike bowling alley — hey, borrowed shoes, borrowed dudes, whatever — but the only person who came close to going green during this romantic recycling program was Victoria. And that's just because you know it was her skin-tone the morning after boozing herself back into her 19-year-old ex's lap.

So can someone tell us, is this a thing? Because the last time we checked, there are some things bestsies shouldn't share. Like guys. And STDs.

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