The plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mother the day before she died abruptly walked off CNN's Larry King Live during a scheduled Tuesday sit-down. Dr. Jan Adams said he initially agreed to speak with King to clear up "inaccurate reports" about him, but West's family then asked him not to appear on the show.

Before Adams left the talker, King asked whether the surgeon would ever answer questions surrounding Donda West's death. "When [the family is] comfortable, I'll be comfortable. If they're never comfortable, then I'll never be comfortable," he answered.

Adams told the LA Times that West, a day after she underwent breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction procedures, may have died of a heart attack, pulmonary embolism or from an accidental overdose of painkillers. He suspected one theory but wouldn't elaborate until the coroner issues an official cause of death: "I believe I know exactly what happened to her, but I will not comment on it until I see the final report." - Additional reporting by Rita Clavin