In the wake of officially accepting the Republican nomination for President back in July, Donald Trump made so many gaffes that it prompted many political analysts to wonder the unthinkable: Was Trump intentionally trying to lose the election?

That would be one explanation for Trump's innumerable faux pas, both on Twitter and in real life. turned to Mark Halperin and Mark McKinnon, two-thirds of the political team behind Showtime's The Circus, to see what they had to say.

Why Showtime's The Circus really is "the greatest political show on earth"

"I think it's a fanciful notion and kind of media conspiracy is dreaming up this notion. I don't think anybody practically sees a route where this is going to happen," McKinnon told us. "It's not in anybody's nature to give up or surrender after they've gotten the nomination.

Added Halperin: "Trump thinks he's going to win. He's not interested in stepping down. He's interested in becoming president.

See more of our interview with Halperin and McKinnon in the interview above.

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