Trump Trump

In the promos for Donald Trump's Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend, the presidential hopeful's trademark Trumpisms are on full display.

Clearly not too bothered by Republicans' bad blood with NBC -- or the network booting him from The Apprentice earlier this year — The Donald looks totally relaxed and in prime form in the snippets, palling around with Cecily Strong and other SNL stars. In one, the would-be Republican party nominee doesn't even try to maintain Strong's challenge to avoid calling himself the best ("I'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done at not saying it," he says) and, in another, he calls Ben Carson "a complete and total loser." Yup. Totally Trump.

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But not everyone is finding his shtick funny. Prominent Hispanic cultural leaders and activists, including Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu and writer Junot Díaz, have distributed a letter denouncing Trump, Time reports. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, a group of 26 congressmen and women of Latino descent, issued a resolution on Tuesday urging NBC to disinvite Trump, and, according to The Guardian, a few different groups plan to demonstrate outside Rockefeller Center Wednesday — in time for SNL's rehearsal — including National Hispanic Media Coalition, Latino Leadership Institute and the League of United Latin American Citizens.

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Trump has angered Hispanics for his stance on immigration, and comments about Mexicans this summer that some interpreted as racist.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.

See the video below. Will you be watching?