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See What the Republican Presidential Candidates Are Demanding for Future Debates

Take that, networks!

Liz Raftery

Republicans are still up in arms over last week's GOP debate on CNBC, which the Republican National Committee subsequently labeled a "disservice" to both candidates and voters, and they're going to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The RNC suspended its relationship with NBC as a result of the debate, and on Sundaynight, representatives for 12 of the 14 Republican presidential candidates met to draft a letter of demands to send to the media sponsors of future debates.

The Washington Postobtained a draft of the letter, and reports that additional demands will be incorporated into the final version.

"The answers you provide to these questions will be used by each campaign to determine whether its candidate will participate in your debate," the letter reads.

A sampling of the questions:

-"Who is the moderator? Will there be any additional questioners? Are they seated?"

-"Will you commit to provide equal times/an equal number of questions to each candidate?"

-"Will there be a gong/buzzer/bell when time is up? How will the moderator enforce the time limits?"

-"Can you pledge that the temperature in the hall be kept below 67 degrees?"

The letter also requests that the network promise to not:

-"Ask the candidates to raise their hands to answer a question"

-"Ask yes/no questions without time to provide a substantive answer"

-"Allow candidate-to-candidate questioning"

-"Allow props or pledges by the candidates"

-"Have reaction shots of members of the audience or moderators during debates"

-"Show an empty podium after a break (describe how far away the bathrooms are)

-"Use behind shots of the candidates showing their notes"

-"Leave microphones on during breaks"

-"Allow members of the audience to wear political messages (shirts, buttons, signs, etc.). Who will enforce?"

Read the full draft of the letter here. What do you think of the GOP's demands?