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Donald Trump Disses "Alex" Baldwin, Wants SNL to "Bring Back Darrell Hammond"

The President is mad at the TV again

Liam Mathews

President Donald Trump reignited one of his petty feuds on Friday morning by tweeting about Alex Baldwin. Yes, Alex. You and I know him as Alec Baldwin, but Donald Trump doesn't pay attention to those kind of details.

This latest flame war was sparked by an interview in The Hollywood Reporter in which Baldwin, who impersonates the president on Saturday Night Live, said that his hatred of Trump makes doing his job difficult."Every time I do it now, it's like agony," Baldwin said. "Agony. I can't."

To which Trump responded:


Calling him "Alex Baldwin" would have been a pretty solid dismissal, but it doesn't seem like Trump did that on purpose since the tweet has since been deleted (and since he also misspelled "dying" in it). Trump then replaced it with one that spells words correctly.

Baldwin responded with his own series of subtweets at the president.

This is not the first time Trump has tweeted about Baldwin's Emmy-winning performance. In 2016, a couple of weeks before the election, he said Baldwin "stinks."

He also tweeted about SNL less than two weeks after getting elected.

Trump's dislike of Baldwin easily explains why he would request that Saturday Night Live "bring back Darrell Hammond," a longtime SNL cast member who played Trump in the '90s and '00s and even played him early in Trump's campaign before Baldwin was brought in. Though Hammond is not a cast member anymore, he's still employed by SNL as the announcer.

And while I wouldn't go as far as to compare Baldwin and Hammond's overall talent, Hammond's Trump impression is better than Baldwin's. Donald Trump is a broken clock on this one.

Saturday Night Live airs tomorrow at 11:30/10:30c with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Migos.